In the early summer of 2009, as a result of a joint decision of the Board of the Verband Deutsche Nierenzentren e.V. (Registered Society of German Kidney Centres, hereinafter DN) and the Stiftung für Nephrologie (hereinafter Nephrology Foundation), the Wissenschaftliche Institut für Nephrologie (Scientific Institute for Nephrology, hereinafter Institute or WiNe) was founded as an independent institute of the Nephrology Foundation.

The reason behind the Nephrology Foundation’s founding of a scientific institute is the ambition of SHI (Statutory Health Insurance)-accredited doctors who are members of the DN, working as specialists in internal medicine and specialising in nephrology, to see increased evaluation and representation of their own activity in a highly complex scientific and medical field. The majority of patients in the outpatient sector with chronic renal failure are treated by nephrologists who are members of the DN. With this in mind, the boards of both organisations consider it very important, both for the continuous improvement of their own quality of care as well as for the potential discoveries for science and research, that their own medical work is analysed systematically and accompanied by academic research. Finally, the Institute will collect and publish quality assurance data and analyses from the field of nephrology care and compile scientific papers and reports concerning the quality and cost-effectiveness of the care of patients with chronic renal failure.

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Verband Deutsche Nierenzentren e.V.

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