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welcome to the website of the Wissenschaftlichen Institut für Nephrologie (WiNe - Scientific Institute for Nephrology). In 2009, the Stiftung für Nephrologie (Nephrology Foundation) and the Board of the Verband Deutsche Nierenzentren (DN) e.V., (Registered Society of German Kidney Centres) decided to found the Scientific Institute for Nephrology (WiNe). The WiNe’s purpose is to support research in the field of nephrology. The Institute offers the possibility of furthering the scientific evaluation and presentation of the activities of SHI (Statutory Health Insurance)-accredited nephrologists. The systematic, academic analysis of the practical medical work carried out in the kidney centres will deliver new insights for science and research and in doing so, contribute to the continuous improvement of the quality of treatment received by patients with chronic renal failure. WiNe is an independent institute of the Stiftung für Nephrologie (Nephrology Foundation).

German lipid apheresis register

The German lipid apheresis register began in April 2012. Find out more about details and participation.  Read more>>>

Study-Nurse for CKD 3-4 register Study

Since july  2012 Hanife Demir supports the projekt CKD 3-4 Registerstudy as a Study-Nurse. Read more>>>

Verband Deutsche Nierenzentren e.V.

Association for SHI-accredited doctors specialising in hypertension and kidney diseases in Germany.  Read more>>>