Nephrology Foundation

The Nephrology Foundation was founded in 2003 by the DN (Registered Society of German Kidney Centres). Its aims are the promotion of applied science and research and education and training in the field of nephrology.

Prof. Dr. Helmut Reichel
Dr. Michael Daschner
Dr. Ulrich Saueressig
Dr. Helmut Blume
Dr. Christoph Dammerboer
RA Peter M. Kranzbühler

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Lonnemann
Dr. Dr. Jörg Ferber
PD Dr. Werner Kleophas
Extract from the Nephrology Foundation’s articles of association:
The aim of the Foundation is the promotion of applied science and research, education and training in the entire field of nephrology and renal replacement therapy as well as the promotion of public healthcare, in particular by further development of quality assurance in

The Foundation’s current projects:


In 2009 the Nephrology Foundation took a joint decision with the Board of the DN to establish the WiNe. The WiNe’s function is to support research in the field of nephrology. The Institute now offers the increased opportunity to scientifically evaluate and present the work of SHI-accredited nephrologists. The systematic, academic analysis of the practical, medical work carried out in the kidney centres provides new information for science and research and will help continually improve the quality of treatment of patients with chronic kidney disease. The WiNe is an independent establishment of the Nephrology Foundation.

German lipid apheresis register:
The Nephrology Foundation, in its capacity as sponsor, has entrusted the operation of the German lipid apheresis register to the foundation's own WiNe. A medical advisory board, with members drawn in December 2011 from the societies which make up the AG Apherese group, advises and monitors the WiNe.

More information about the German lipid apheresis register can be found here.

Young nephrology researchers:
Since 2011, the Nephrology Foundation has increased its focus on the development of young researchers. It aims to contribute to ensuring that the future of nephrology is secure and that there are sufficient specialised young doctors in this subject area. This is particularly important in times of demographic change. More info >>


Study-Nurse for CKD 3-4 register Study

Since july  2012 Hanife Demir supports the projekt CKD 3-4 Registerstudy as a Study-Nurse. Read more>>>