Saarland University Hospital (UKS)

CKD 3-4 register study project

The aim of this joint project between the WiNe and Saarland University Hospital (UKS) is to build a nationwide research network among the German kidney centres, in which over 500 outpatient treatment centres for patients with chronic renal failure and the UKS’s department for renal and hypertension illnesses will work closely together. The project will collect treatment data from patients with early-stage renal damage and evaluate it for scientific purposes. Hereafter, using this process as a model, everyday interventions can be reviewed in a broad clinical study, which can influence the progression and also the morbidity and mortality rates of patients with chronic renal failure. The main beneficiaries of the collected data from this healthcare research are patients with chronic renal failure and the doctors who treat them. The data will also be made available for public purposes. Initial, interesting results have already been presented at the German Nephrology Society Conference 2011 in Berlin.

Immermannstraße 65A, 40210 Düsseldorf
Dr Johannes Duttlinger

Internal Medicine Clinic IV – kidney and hypertensive illnesses,
Saarland University Hospital (UKS)

Kirrberger Strasse, 68421 Homburg/Saar

Study-Nurse for CKD 3-4 register Study

Since july  2012 Hanife Demir supports the projekt CKD 3-4 Registerstudy as a Study-Nurse. Read more>>>