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Study Nurse for CKD 3-4 Register - July 2012

The Scientific Institute for Nephrology (WiNe), an institute of the Nephrology Foundation, has been running the CKD 3-4 register since 2010. DN’s own QuaNT system collects the data of patients with CKD stages 1-5. The CKD 3-4 register analyses the data of a cohort of patients who are not dependent on dialysis. 

59 practices are currently taking part and 7,696 patients have already been included.

This register gives us the largest data set on the healthcare situation of patients with chronic kidney disease in Germany. We should be extremely proud of this achievement. The significance that the register also has for the political positioning of our organisation cannot be overestimated. Once again, we would like to sincerely thank all the centres and colleagues who have contributed.

For the register’s continued development and success, it is extremely important that patients’ historical data is carefully maintained. This requires a high degree of care and attention from all participants as well as perseverance.

We are well aware of the extra effort that recruiting patients and maintaining data takes during clinical practice. To obtain meaningful data and progressions, the data on our register must be valid. We are therefore pleased that, as already announced, as of 15.07.2012, Mrs Hanife Demir has taken up her post as study nurse for our CKD register. Her first task will be to clarify, by phone, any ambiguities in the quarterly transmission of data with the participating centres. To this end, Mrs Demir will be contacting some of the centres by phone or email. We urge you to support Mrs Demir in her work.

In order to collect as representative a cross-section of the healthcare situation as possible, it is important that more centres participate in the register. Please participate along with your practice and the office of the DN and Mrs Demir will assist you wherever possible.

Study-Nurse for CKD 3-4 register Study

Since july  2012 Hanife Demir supports the projekt CKD 3-4 Registerstudy as a Study-Nurse. Read more>>>