Research Network of the DN e.V.

The Registered Society of German Kidney Centres (DN) Research Network is a project of the DN and is organised by the WiNe. The number of people with chronic kidney disease in Germany is continually growing. Thanks to the population’s increasing life expectancy, this trend is set to continue in the coming years. Up to now, there has been very little scientific data on disease progression, comorbidities, accompanying complications and medicinal treatments. 

Since the majority of these patients are treated in DN members’ practices, their doctors can collect data on a scale and of a quality which enables significant analyses to be carried out. The goal of our organisation is therefore to build up a leading international register for this patient group. The data on this register can contribute to an improvement in medical treatment and produce important discoveries for healthcare research. As part of DN’s own data collection programme QuaNT, a register of patients with CKD stages 1-5 is being compiled. Within this register, a cohort of patients with CKD stages 3-4 is also being set up.

Study-Nurse for CKD 3-4 register Study

Since july  2012 Hanife Demir supports the projekt CKD 3-4 Registerstudy as a Study-Nurse. Read more>>>