Young researchers project

Young researchers project: scholarship schemes with the Deutschlandstipendium (German scholarship)

In keeping with the motto “think about tomorrow today…”, from the winter semester 2012, two medical students with a particular interest in nephrology will be sponsored as part of the German scholarship scheme at each of these institutions – the Charité Berlin, Hannover Medical School and RWTH Aachen University. “We would like to give young students an insight into nephrology, to show them the many professional opportunities available, including the chance to work in your own nephrology practice, and the different possibilities for funding and support offered by the Foundation’s networks and the nephrological professional associations,” explains Prof Helmut Reichel, Chairman of the Nephrology Foundation. In 2011, the nationwide programme for top-level funding was launched by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) and in its first year, 5,400 students were able to benefit from the scholarships, 5.4% of them medical students. For 2012, the government has increased the funding available from 14 to 36 million Euros. In 2012, the maximum permitted funding rate is 1 per cent. In the medium term this is set to increase to 8 per cent.

In the largest public-private education project that Germany has ever seen, the government and private donors each provide half of the scholarship award of 300 Euros per month. So that the holders of the scholarships can concentrate fully on their studies, they receive their 300 Euros per month directly from the Foundation, although 150 Euros of this comes from the government.

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