The Verband Deutsche Nierenzentren (DN)

The Society of German Kidney Centres (DN) was founded in 1980 as the Deutsche Dialysegesellschaft niedergelassener Ärzte e.V. (German Dialysis Society of Practising Doctors). The majority of nephrologists and dialysis doctors in Germany belong to this professional association.

Its main aims are the promotion and securing of, on a political and legal level, comprehensive treatment of patients with chronic and terminal kidney disease in the context of statutory health insurance care.

This national association represents all practising specialists in internal medicine with a focus on nephrology on the political level, before the authorities and health insurance companies, both within the professional medical organisations and in the public sphere.

The ‘member info’ section contains all current information for members; the ‘Nephrology Review’ is another publication which is also available to non-members. The brochure ‘Dialysis when travelling’ provides information for patients who need dialysis when travelling or on holiday. The yearly Nephrology Conference in Mannheim has established itself as a symposium of the highest scientific merit and is always very well attended. The papers presented here are also published.

The international Bernd Tersteegen prize, worth 8,000 Euros, which promotes research on chronic renal failure and outpatient renal replacement therapy and the Georg Haas Dissertation Prize, named after the dialysis pioneer Georg Haas, are also awarded during this conference.

More information about the DN and the advantages of being a member can be found at

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